Sunday, July 6, 2014

Neater Knitter – Stash Storage Solutions from Ziploc

Ziploc® brand Big Bags
Jill H. brought in a box of the XXL Ziploc® Brand Big Bags to class last week to share her discovery. They are huge – measuring about 24 x 32 inches with 3 in a package.  They zip closed, have a pleated bottom, are clear and have a cut out handle.  Perfect stash holders!

She left them in the studio so you can get a first-hand look.

Ziploc also makes XL – 20 x 24 inches (4/package) for more stash storage and L – 15 X 15 inches (5/package) which are also perfect as a large project bag.  
More information on the Big Bags here.

I use the gallon size all the time to group yarn purchases and for smaller projects.
Ziploc® brand Flexible Totes

As I was researching this, I see that Ziploc is also offering Flexible Totes – the kind of zipper bag you might get when you purchase a quilt or blanket.  Their shape suggested they could be stackable.

Details on the Flexible Totes here.  

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